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In the years we have spent working with Educational content we have witnessed the e-learning revolution slowly unfold. Every year there was more courses and support material available online.

What we couldn’t have foreseen is that eLearning was going to get pushed at the center of the stage due to the pandemic. What used to be a complement or an alternative to more classical methods of education is now the main way in which millions take classes.

A proper translation and localization of the material in the e-learning platforms is critical to achieve a true integration that helps the students to overcome the difficulties posed by the social distancing.

At Australis Localization we are ready for the challenge that lies ahead. We have years of experience working with Online presentations, Interactive content, Video lessons, study material and other types of eLearning content. You can also count on us to translate your materials in any e-learning platform, as we have the technical expertise required to work in all available e-learning platforms.

Working with us you can make your classes available for millions of potential students that don’t speak your language. Teach to the entire World. Translate your classes today.

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